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Parakh Petrochemicals is dealing with one the best producers in the region who has the global reputation for quality products.

Packing & Drumming

we supply Bitumen in New Steel drums in the packing of 180kg and 150kg and have good packing and material handling facility for dry cargo.


with our teams years of experience in fertilizers trading, manufacturing and operations, we are professionals in every aspect from selecting best logistic companies to deliver the exact product to every destination. Cooperation in delivery of our products in a quality, safety and competitive price is a foundation stone for Parakh Petrochem.


As soon as the cargo has reached to nominated ports, the process of container releasing and stuffing will commence. All the containers are sealed once the stuffing is done.


All cargoes supplied by PARAKH PETROCHEM is been inspected at the load port by internationally recognized independent surveyors for quality and quantity.


with our pivotal CRM services, we provide a positive user experience and resolve issues quickly with real time support and complaint management and give valuable tools to our customers to drive engagement. Enjoy access to expert pivotal support professionals and online resources to answer your technical quires accurately and reliably by contacting telephone support or log into your online support center.


In Parakh Petrochem we know that the shipment of material requires precise coordination and individual follow up on a regular bases. by combining our people , technology and processes we have the ability to connect our customers with creditable 4PL and 3PL logistic companies.


PARAKH PETROCHEM as full service company with a good experience of intentional trade , provides all the regular and required documents for cargo releasing in destination . Such as Original Bills of lading, quality and quantity certificate form independent surveyor, certificate of origin, invoice, packing list.